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Jay Pharoah: I Am A Dog (Kanye West “I Am A God” Parody)

Created by and Starring: Jay Pharoah

Directed by: Chioke Nassor

Lyrics: Jay Pharoah
Track By: Elijah Brueggemann
Mixing: Jarrod Tanner
Mailman: Jarrod Tanner
Editor: Jenny Filipazzo
DP: Tyler Ribble
Head PA: Marcus Terry
PA: Kayla Nadel-LaMotta & Dani Rait
Hand Model: Brendan McMorrow

Above Average Producer: Caroline Chewning


I am a dog/
I am a dog/
Hurry up let me out the garage/
Hurry up give my balls a massage/
Fore I start barking like Nicki Minaj/
I’m a crazy bitch/
Give me my shots for my rabies bitch/
Matter fact give me some kibbles and bits/
Mail main see me you better dip
I’m staring at your plate/
Begging strips don’t taste like steak/
You wanna neglect me u wanna neglect me/
Imma chew your shoes till non existing/
Throw this damn ball bitch stop resisting/
Me and ur new born aint co existing/
Na na na na now I don’t bark I roar/
Now watch me drag ass all across ur floor/

If I fart it’s something u never smelled before/
I gotta piss bitch dont u see me scratching this door/
You done lost your head/
Nueter me I’m still gone hump your leg/
Mark my territory by the garden shed/
And I left fertilizer in your garden bed/
You heard what I said/
I left fertilizer in your garden shed/
That was just a warning keep me and my fleayas are going roll on u bitch and don’t try to feed me no chocolate either I know that trick
You Cocoa on my fork praise be to Kujo
I’m the shitzu


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